How We Are Different

Our firm strives to take away the worry by growing long-term relationships and providing exceptional support, estate planning and administrations services for you and your family at every stage.  We are 100% committed to creating a strong foundation of support for our clients and our client’s families.

Our clients are special and we reflect that through high touch interactions, easy connections and exceptional personalized service.  We strive to be the foundation for our clients at every life stage.  Our promise to our clients is that we will take care of it.

We make the process easy for our busy clients through innovative and easily accessible technology.  Our clients can easily communicate through their personal and secure client portal with questions or see and upload documents.  We are working to implement video conferencing so we can meet any time and anywhere that is convenient for our clients.  Our clients choose how they want to interact with us.

We provide on going support to our clients and our client’s families through all life stages by utilizing a flat fee system and a membership program. Clients are often afraid to call their attorney because they are being billed by the minute.  Alternatively, many estate plans are out of date by the time they are needed because clients fail to come back for adjustments and updates.  We have eliminated both of those issues for our clients by providing ongoing support and services through our membership program and flat fee billing model.  Our approach is a common sense approach designed to take the worry away from our clients and provide them with ongoing support.

At Conway-Spatola Law we realize that our clients are busy with work and family life, estate planning is often the one thing that everyone knows they need to get done, but time and other obligations often are pushed ahead.  Because we truly believe what we do makes our client’s lives better we constantly strive to improve our services and go above a beyond the transaction of estate planning.  We are creating more than just documents.

Who We Are: