Trust Administration

When a loved one passes away with a trust in California, an administration of the trust will need to take place.  Depending on the type of trust, and whether a spouse is still living, will determine the type of administration.

Although a trust avoids the probate process, an administration is still necessary in order to transfer assets to the new trustee, surviving trustee, or to the beneficiaries of the trust.  A trust generally avoids the hassle of the probate court proceeding and allows for an easier and quicker administration of decedent’s assets, provided they have been funded into a trust.

The trustee is responsible for the proper administration of the trust; failure to comply with the terms of the trust can result in personal liability of the trustee.  To avoid breach of fiduciary claims it is important to ensure that as trustee you are completing the administration process.

If you would like to discuss your fiduciary obligations as trustee, are seeking assistance in administering a trust, or are looking for representation as a beneficiary, contact us to assist.  We will handle the matter from start to finish making the process as quick and painless as possible. Conway-Spatola Law represents Trustees, beneficiaries and interested persons in trust matters.

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