In California, a Probate is the common term used to describe the court proceeding used to administer a deceased person’s estate.

A Will does not avoid probate and if the decedent’s estate is over a specified amount, currently $150,000.00, then a probate must be opened regardless of whether decedent executed a will.  The only way to avoid a probate is to have an estate that is under $150,000.00 when you pass away, utilize alternative distribution methods or maintain your assets in a trust.

A probate can be a time consuming and expensive processes.  There are many statutory requirements that must be met before distribution of a decedent’s estate can occur.  The minimum amount of time a probate will take is about seven months, but it may take longer if real property needs to be sold prior to distribution.

If you would like to discuss how to avoid a probate after you pass away or currently need assistance probating a friend, family member of loved one’s estate, please contact us to assist you through this difficult time.  We will handle the matter from start to finish making the process as quick and painless as possible. Conway-Spatola Law represents executors, personal representatives, administrators, and beneficiaries in probate matters.

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