Family Protection Planning

At Conway-Spatola Law, we understand that life happens.  Therefore, we build various contingencies into your estate plan to provide for the “What ifs”.  The family protection plan provides for specific language and procedures in your estate plan, should the “what ifs” happen.

Below is a list of some “What ifs” we will discuss in your planning meeting.

  • What if my children are minors when I pass-away?  How will I preserve assets for my minor child’s care?
  • What if someone tries to contest my estate plan?
  • What if my child marries someone that I would not want my estate to distribute to?
  • What if my spouse remarries after I pass away?
  • What if I have no one I trust to be my agent under my power of attorney or advance        health care directive?
  • How do I take care of my family if I am in a high risk industry?

Contact us at Conway-Spatola Law to guide you and your family through all of the “what ifs” of life.  We will discuss your concerns, plans and goals in order to create a plan to meet all your needs despite what the future holds.

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