By Mauriah Conway-Spatola on March 6, 2013


I love movies.  True stories, comedies, romance, drama, action you name it, and I love it. I am looking forward to seeing the movie Quartet.  I typically wait until a movie comes out on dvd…having young children makes movie going difficult!  What I am looking forward to with Quartet, and hope to find, is a real movie with real issues that face people as they age.

Movies like Hanging Up, In Her Shoes, The Savages, and Cocoon discuss and show the issues families come to grips with when taking care of a parent or grandparent.  Some of these films are irreverent or impractical, but they all contain nuggets of truth.  Movies provide real depictions of human emotion and the struggles that come with life.  As the baby boomer population ages, they are demanding relevant entertainment.  Movies that deal with the lighter side of aging and the real issues of aging are becoming more mainstream, and it is about time.

As we see real life reflected on the big screen the issues and struggles with aging, dementia and caring for a parent or grandparent becomes easier to talk about and discuss.  When families can talk about these issues and deal with the inevitable then planning becomes a little bit easier.   With a plan in place the struggles and the emotions become manageable.  I am convinced it will allow you to see the lighter side more days than not!


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