It is true, I too sometimes procrastinate!   I get it.  I understand, it happens to all of us for a variety of reasons.  I really  want to take up yoga.  I have done it in the past and a yogi I am not, but I enjoyed it and always felt great after tying myself into a pretzel.  However, I know it will be hard at first.  I will be asked to stretch and move in ways that hurt, feel uncomfortable, and make me look weird.   The benefits are obvious so I need to just take the leap!  Same things are true with estate planning.    You may be hesitant to move forward because it is uncomfortable.  You will be asked to consider the actual possibility that you will not live forever.  You will need to stretch your mind to consider how loved ones will behave upon your possible incapacity.   Yes, this can be a bit strange and your face may look a bit weird as you think about things you normally try to avoid on a daily basis.  The benefits outweigh the stretching and discomfort.  After you complete your estate plan the feelings of peace and serenity are worth it.  Namaste.

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